Rent Alian wheels acclaimed by the biggest cycling teams
The ALIAN CARBON PRO + carbon wheel is recognized for its efficiency and quality of design.
His particuliarity ? A new assembly of the spokes of the rear wheel to gain aerodynamics.


Bike Features

ALIAN Carbon Pro + 3.5 wheels are the most versatile bike wheels in the road range and feature graphene track braking.
Designed to increase the transmission of power and reduce the impression of crushing the wheel, their height (35 mm) makes it possible to adapt to all types of jigs. Their performance and versatility make it one of the best products on the market.

Duration: The rental day is from 9:30 to 19:00.
Rental for 1 pair of 2 wheels

Specifications of the Alian Carbon Pro + 3.5 Wheel :

YUNIPER Nitro SP. These aluminum hubs are as light as they are fluid. They are equipped with annular bearings with lithium grease for a formidable efficiency.
Hubs before 20 holes
24-hole rear hub, available in 12/12 or 16/8 mounting.

DT Swiss – Front mounting with DTSWISS “Aerolite” spokes. Rear mounting with DTSWISS “Aerocomp” spokes, more rigid than the aerolite.
Assembly with SAPIM Polyax nuts.

ALIAN – Our 35mm carbon wheels have an internal width of 18,5mm and a section of 26,5mmce which allows a yield and a grip in the curves higher than the narrower rims. For hose rims, we recommend gluing 25mm hoses.
Mat UD carbon finish. Graphene track brake band in high temperature resin (greater than 280 °).

1210g with hoses
1350g with tires

Shimano 11v
Sram 11v
Campagnolo 11 and 12v

Delivered with special brake pads. Titanium quick release

All our ALIAN wheels are custom made and customizable.
For any custom request, specify the colors chosen when ordering to anticipate delivery times.
Hubs, available in: Black / Red / Blue / Gray
Nuts, available in: Black / Red / Blue / Gray / Green / Fuschia / Pink
ALIAN Stickers, available in: White + All Colors / Black

ALIAN wheels guaranteed 1 year
Hubs, spokes and nuts guaranteed 2 years (excluding wear parts)


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