1. Is it possible to rent a helmet, pedals, bike shoes …?

Bike rental includes:

1 Repair Kit
1 bike counter
1 pair of pedals to select from the list.
Attention: We do not rent bike shoes.

2. Are there any fees in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellation, we retain a rental day during the refund.

3. Should a document be given as a guarantee?

An official document, driver’s license, passport or identity card will be required and will be retained during the entire rental period.

4. Is the insurance included in the rental ?

There is no insurance included in the rental. The person who rents the bike is responsible for the bike and its equipment. She will be held responsible for any loss or damage.
Each bike is checked and verified at first in your presence. Any damaged parts during use will be charged.

5. What time can we get back the bike at the earliest?

We are open from 9am to 7pm (summer time). All bikes must be picked up and returned to our store during business hours.

6. Can I get the bike back the day before?

You can pick up the bike the day before from 18h / 19h00 for 5 € more.

7. Can I change the selected rental bike?

If the desired bike is available, the change will be possible.

8. Do you sell accessories, mechanical parts, dietetics?

Yes we sell a large number of accessories, clothing, shoes and specific dietary cycling.

9. Are you open all year?

We are open every day from April to October. Outside this period, contact us for more information.

10. Do you ship rental bikes?

For any delivery, we will use a paid external service and the settings will be the responsibility of the customer who will assume responsibility.

11. Is it possible to have your bike repaired / checked?

We have a technical repair shop. For more information, visit the workshop.

12. Is it possible to rent bicycles for children?

Yes we rent bikes especially for children. A 24-inch racing bike and ATVs in size XS and S

13. Is it possible to rent bikes for women?

Yes we rent small bikes. The bikes are mounted with specific saddles for women.

14. Do you have all sizes of bikes?

Yes we have all sizes. From 47 to 61cm.

15. Do you sell rental bikes?

Yes every year, we sell part of our park from mid August.